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Rocky Mountain Research (RMR) is a highly specialized Consulting Practice that specifically focuses on EAP, Work/Life and Wellness Benefit Delivery Models. A   variety of services are offered   to academics, corporate directors, external vendors and professional associations aimed at evaluating, developing and implementing delivery service models as well as the development of outcome measurement tools. Currently Patricia is working with the Chestnut Health Systems on a Workplace Inclusion Scale. But Dr. Herlihy’s main focus these days is her work with Professor Jodi Frey on the International Employee Assistance Digital Archive – A Knowledge Hub.

Presentations and articles on current trends in the EAP, Work/Life and Wellness fields. Learn more in the RMR Archive

International Employee Assistance Digital Archive

Awarded "Best Use of Technology" in EA Services 2019


In an attempt to preserve and widely disseminate research to grow the EA field, the International EA Digital Archive: A Knowledge Hub was born as a unique repository contributing to digitizing material that had previously only been available in hard copy published form. The founders of the Archive specifically designed this repository as an open access facility to allow people to access and submit materials from all over the world at no cost.  The Archive is hosted by the University of Maryland, Baltimore. The EA Archive is the first of its kind focused on employee assistance and is a resource that benefits the field both presently and in the future.  For more information, visit the EA Archive Website.


Currently during the Pandemic, we have focused on gathering Tips, sheets, Blogs, articles, videos & presentation on this topic - Simply put the term “ EAP and COVID 19” in the subject heading to find these materials.

Topical Resources


Why Employee Assistance Programs are Valuable
During & After COVID-19

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Best Practices in Working with Law Enforcement. Patricia Herlihy, PhD., RN; James Rascati, MSW, LCSW; & Brad Barber, PhD.  JOURNAL OF EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE | 2nd QTR 2021
Greer, Kathleen and Quick, John (2021)
Adams, Taylor, Reinert, Madeline, Fritze, Danielle and Nguyen, Theresa (2021)

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May 23-25, 2022 | Georgia World Congress Center  Atlanta, GA 

Join the WorldatWork Annual Conference & Exhibition to learn from industry experts, participate in dynamic thought-provoking workshops and network with people who share the same professional DNA! 
Work-Family Justice: Practices, Partnerships & Possibilities
JUNE 23-25, 2022 | New York Hilton Midtown in New York City

The 2022 conference theme is Work-Family Justice: Practices, Partnerships & Possibilities that highlights the work of a global community of scholars.

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